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Continuous Cast Billets / Blooms

Continuous Cast Billets / Blooms

Like ingots, Kesri Alloys manufactures Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel & Stainless Steel Continuous Cast Billets / Blooms in various size & thickness for diversified industrial uses which is suitable for forging, ring rolling, upsetting & rolling applications.

Continuous Cast Billets / Blooms

Like cast ingots, billets and blooms also are custom-made in terms of their dimensions, metallurgy and item weight. Kesri Alloys is popular for finest quality of these carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel Billets / Blooms and manufactures for a lot of prestigious industries which can be used for forging, ring rolling, upsetting and rolling into bars, rods and sections for many engineering industries.

More About Continuous Cast Billets/Blooms

Our plant is designed especially for the efficient manufacture of Continuous Cast Billets/Blooms in carbon steel, alloy Steel and Stainless steel in square and rectangular sections.

After melting in electric furnace, steel is tapped into a ladle and transferred to the LRF (Ladle Refining Furnace), facilitates better refining, homogenizing (both chemistry and temperature), desulfurizing (deep sulphur removal) and Inclusion floatation (removal of non-metallic inclusions) giving better purity in liquid steel.

The Ladle is then transported to the Vacuum Degassing System where most of the gaseous impurities are removed and gases level go down to below 20 PPM of oxygen and less than 2 PPM of hydrogen. Finally, the ladle is lifted up to the casting platform to be cast as ingots or as continuously cast billet/blooms.

In continuous casting, the steel passes from the tundish through ceramic tubes to two water-cooled copper molds where it starts to solidify.

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